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Rachel McCreath – Outlander

JCooper 120203 0796 Edit 1 240x300 Rachel McCreath   OutlanderThe lovely Rachel Mccreath landed a role in 'Outlander'. We interviewed her and here are the results. I hope you find it helpful.

Congratulations for landing ‘Outlander’. Tell us about the casting process, was it different from any other?

I had met with the casting director Simone Pereira Hind about fives times for different characters on Outlander, before I got the part of Mairi. In this time I built up a relationship with her and she kept getting me back for other characters, which was great. In this particular audition I was reading for another character, but I thought I fitted the description of Mairi, so asked to read for her, I did one take and it felt right.

How did you prepare ?

Before shooting I prepared by reading the entire script and as the TV series is based on novels by Diana Gabaldon, I read the first book to have full understanding of the story.

I learned my scene, tried to get to sleep early as the call times were extremely early.

I really researched as much as I could from the time period of the 18th century and prostitution in this time to get an idea of my character, creating a believable back story for her.

I also tried to learn the cast list so I knew who I would be working with. I researched their past work on IMDB so I had a talking point and could see the style of work they had done previously.

Researching the director was interesting as I found she started in special effects and as a Director of photography so expected her to be more technically minded about getting the shot.

I like to research as much as possible to feel prepared as it gives me confidence.

What was it like on set?

On set was quite manic in the morning with cast and crew getting ready. I was lucky enough to get one of the main characters trailer so I was very comfy. The production team couldn't have been nicer, the hair and make up team were amazing really made me feel at ease and gave me hair like a mermaid. By the time I had my costume on I really felt the part. It was definitely the biggest production I have been on with easily 200 crew.

The set looked amazing “The House of Ill Repute” was quite luxurious, clearly we had a good business as the furniture was very posh, it even had a chaise longue.

It was a closed set but even then there was probably 15 crew in the room with us, 2 American producers and the writer of the episode. Everyone was very relaxed and we had fun with the scene. The director Anna Foerster was lovely she had a great sense of humour which relaxed everyone, she gave us the best of both worlds, very technical but also great character based direction and let us play with different deliveries and energy. After the first couple of takes I felt confident to give as many possibilities to play with in the edit.

I tried to listen and learn as much as possible, with Bill Paterson, giving us tips and telling stories whenever he heard cut.

From your time on Outlander, what’s the one tip you would give to other actors?

My main tip is to be READY and flexible. Be ready in yourself, be ready to go to set early, be ready to be picked up on time.

Be flexible and adaptable on set to try different possibilities.

Be polite to everyone, whether it’s the runner or the producer, everyone is doing their job and deserves the same respect.

Don’t get intimidated by other actors, be confident, you got the job. Own it (that sounds a bit too America’s next top model sorry.)

Oh and try to have a good breakfast before you put on your corset because you won't be eating a lot once it's on!


June Workshop – meet Rowland Beckley

Rowland Beckley June 2014 Final version June Workshop   meet Rowland Beckley

We here at Red Hot would like to offer you the opportunity to spend 2 hours with Rowland Beckley.

  • Get in with what happens in the casting room
  • Learn how those all-important casting decisions are made
  • Get the opportunity to showcase your work

Outline: Welcome/introduction, Scenes: Duologues & Feedback, Q & A

If someone is willing to share their knowledge with you, why not avoid the pitfalls, get the insider tips and get ahead of your competitors.

Rowland has worked in TV for over 11 years and is currently a member of the BBC in-house casting department. His credits include Eastenders, Father Brown, My Jihad, Doctors and Holby City.

Secure your place now!

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An official yet personal note from the Director of Red Hot Entertainment

I thought I should put pen to paper and explain my absence as this has caused some confusion in both my business and personal life. In 2000 I was diagnosed with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) and I have been in and out of hospital over the past 3 months. I am now on chemotherapy and would appreciate your patience as I work through this.

I am not the first and unfortunately probably won't be the last to go through this! I am positive, upbeat and focused on making a full recovery. Thanks for your support!

For more information, visit

God bless, Kelle Bryan-Gudgeon

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April Workshop with Dan Hubbard

RHE April Workshop with Dan Hubbard

Red Hot Entertainment is delighted to announce our next workshop will
be hosted by Dan Hubbard (CDG).

Dan Has enjoyed a prolific career as a key member of the Hubbard
Casting dynasty.

His credits include The Bourne Supremacy, King Kong, The Bourne
Ultimatum, Captain Phillips, Burke & Hare, United 93, Downton Abbey,
Helen of Troy and Metropolis.

This event will sell out, so book now!

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We are looking for an intelligent, quick-thinking and vibrant individual to join our team. Candidates should be locally based with genuine aspirations to progress in media and celebrity management.

Please send cover letter and CV to:

Must be be able to drive. Applicant should be Hertfordshire based.

Salary negotiable. Closing date ASAP.

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How to get ready for an exhibition: An Actor’s Guide

Next Level How to get ready for an exhibition: An Actor’s GuideYou have made a proactive step. You have put Surviving Actors 2014 in your diary and are committed to going. You want to open up opportunities, get more information and resources and talk to the people who can help you to move forward in your career.

Here are our Top Five tips to help you get the most from your experience and prepare you for success.

1)   What is your intention?

This is a great place to start. Why are you going? What information would you like to find out? Who would you like to meet? What will help you go to the next level?  Sometimes exhibitions can be overwhelming, hectic and leave you more confused. Take time in advance to fully research the website. See what is on offer and what will be most beneficial to you right now. Create your own road map and itinerary for the day so you have a strategy and leave with answers.

 2) What is the first impression you give? Think about what you are going to wear. What image would you like to project? Presentation expands to your CV, your business card and your handshake. Be ‘business’ ready…you never know who you are going to meet, and first impressions always count. Choose a bag that is going to compliment your outfit (no plastic carrier bags here) but also be accessible so you can retrieve CVs and business cards easily.

3) Learn. Be open, polite, smile and be ready to learn. Approach with a positive attitude, don’t waste valuable time with someone who could potentially help you saying ‘this hasn’t happened for me’ or bad mouthing other professionals. Ask questions that are going to give you the information you need. What is missing for you? You are likely to get a plethora of opinions so ask for feedback. If someone says they like or dislike something ask why so you have more information. Ask open, well thought out questions.

4) Connect. So you meet a great contact or connection. How do you continue this? The answer is simple with a well presented business card (make sure the design is in keeping with you, ‘the business’.)  Have them to hand, ready to give. It may be worthwhile completing an online search on yourself beforehand. Make sure anything inappropriate is taken down including social media comments. Your own personal website is a great investment- you can have an online portfolio of photos, your CV and Showreel in the one place.

5) Follow up. If you meet someone or attend a talk, follow up, say thank you or give an update. Contact new connections when you have something to say; blanket emails of ‘let me know if’ don’t often provide results. You are likely to want to be in this business a long time so take the time to build relationships and nurture them. It is never about one job.  Most importantly enjoy the day- you never know what or who is around the corner.

Nicky Raby, Red Hot Entertainment. @nickyraby